Bibi is of Italian origin, but has grown up in Monaco. She graduated from the Villa Arson School in Nice, before going on to study Film Animation in 2000 at the prestigious Central Saint Martin’s College in London. After graduating, she left Europe to work in Tokyo. Whilst in Tokyo, she worked for three years for the Japanese firm BOY for the renowned designer Dai Mogi. Together they launched the magazine +ING and a hair-style internet site.

Back in France, she collaborates with various fashion editors who admire her miniature and nostalgic creations. Rebelling against the digital era which is in fashion, she creates minute mise-en-scene scenarios which she photographs herself, then cuts and re-organises into collages.

Her fine attention to detail led her to be talent spotted by Karel and Isis who invited her to work with them for the opening publications of their magazine MILK; where she designed several pages for them. She then continued to work for the publishing and press sector and for an illustrator’s agent and in 2006 she illustrated a book for the charity ‘Les Enfants de Frankie’ on children’s rights. It was whilst working with the miniature pieces from doll’s houses, used for her animation work, that the idea came to her to transform them into jewellery.

Since the opening of her boutique MISSBIBI in the grounds of the Palais Royal in Paris, Bibi has remained an inspiring creator who works and weaves metal as if she is making a minute sculpture; consistently creating unique pieces of jewellery which tell a story.